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CONFINDUSTRIA Dispositivi Medici


 New headquarters for Confindustria Dispositivi Medici by am4design.


 See WORKPLACE PORTFOLIO for more details

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For its Milan headquarters, we have been commissioned to create a workspace that is welcoming, open and conducive to collaboration.

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Located in one of the historic buildings of Milan, the challenge of this project was elaborating a sophisticated contemporary project as well as to trasmit the high standard company values and the solidity of the Client.The walls were designed with emphasis on advanced acoustic capabilities, so that even while the rooms are filled with people, the sound of their voices doesn’t leak out. Movable walls designed, manufactured and installed with multi-functionality in mind.

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Another challenge was designing a floor plan that delivered a balance between the individual office space , the collaborative space, the coworking, Conference, Meeting and Trainig activity.

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The group consensus and a strong collaborative culture resulted in bright, private offices and large spans of open work areas. As a result, both open space and offices are flooded with natural light and have access to expansive views across the city.

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